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Symptom: Low Pressure

Things to check: Is the low pressure every where? Both inside & outside faucets? Is it on both the hot & cold water?

Diagnosis: If the pressure is low every where you might have a pump that is worn or possible holes in your drop pipe. Another possibility is a clogged filter or a broken pipe some where on your property.

Symptom: System turns off & on very quickly.

Things to check: The bladder or pressure tank is probably water logged. Knocking on your tank (like you would knock on a door) it should sound hollow (full of air) on the top 2/3’s & solid (full of water) on the bottom 1/3.

Diagnosis: If the tanks sounds solid the whole way then it’s most likely bad. The bladder has failed & it in now full of water.

Symptom: High Electric Bill

Things to check: Can you pump build pressure & shut itself off?

Diagnosis: It’s possible that like the above mentioned low pressure scenario there is a worn pump or holes in the drop pipe.

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